Medicare Advantage 2019

If you find yourself with a Medicare plan but it feels inadequate, then you may need to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan. This would replace your current Medicare plan, in most cases. It would offer a lot of the same coverage, plus some additional coverage. If that sounds like something you could use either now or in the future, then you may want to look into Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019.

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These are plans that can fit you with a lot of extra coverage. You may not have to pay a many expenses out of your own pocket. You may have a lot of those healthcare costs covered by these plans. They aren’t quite the same as a supplemental plan like Medigap, but they do share some similarities.


medicare advantage plans 2019


One of those similarities is that the Advantage plans are offered solely through insurance companies. You won’t find them at Medicare. The organization does not sell them. Instead, it basically “licenses” these plans to private insurance providers. Those providers get to set the plans and determine some availability options.

The price is subject to the whims of the insurance company selling the plan. The price will go up or down based on competition, the area in which the plan is being sold and a few other variables. You can shop around for the best price if you want to save money, and you won’t lose out on coverage because of it.

If you choose to sign up for one of the Medicare Advantage 2019 plans, then you need to be aware of the different networks these plans are offered on. There are several different network options offered by most insurance companies. The most common or notable ones are PPOs and HMOs. We’ll break them down into simple terms here for you.

Medicare Advantage 2019 Networks

The PPO network is one where full coverage is only an option at healthcare facilities that are part of the insurance company’s network- that is, hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices that are on the insurance company’s list of partners. You can still receive some coverage if you go to a healthcare facility outside their network, but it is only a portion of the full coverage, so you need to be careful.


medicare advantage plans 2019


With an HMO network, you can only receive coverage at accepted healthcare facilities. You receive zero coverage anywhere else. Now, you could get full or partial coverage if you have an emergency and you have to be taken to a hospital that is not on your insurance company’s network, but that is the only exception.

These are just some of your options. You have a lot more, and you should take some time to look into them and get to know what is available to you. We suggest planning for 2019 and beyond right now, as you can take this time to ensure you are choosing the best plan at the best price. There are plenty of Medicare subscribers out there who have chosen poorly with their coverage plans, and you don’t want to be among them. Have a look at the Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 and see if you can find one that will cover you for what you need covered.

Best Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

It is important that every senior finds the best insurance plan for their medical coverage. The best Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are going to be available shortly, and in order to pick the best from the rest, seniors need to know what is available and what would suit their needs well.

It’s impossible to point out any one plan and say that it is the best overall Advantage plan. We can pick out the best price or the best value on average, but everyone has individual needs that determine what the best plan would be for them. Only the individual can say for certain if a plan meets their financial and medical coverage needs. That’s why we try not to point out a specific plan as the best one and just provide general information that should help seniors choose the best Advantage plan for themselves.

What Advantage Plans Are Offering

Medicare Advantage 2019You won’t be able to choose what the best Medicare Advantage plan is until you know how it compares to the average plan. Let’s start with the basic coverage that every Advantage plan must offer you as a minimum. Many of the plans go much farther than this, but they use this list as their foundation.

That would be coverage for all of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. You might recognize that as Original Medicare, which combines both those parts into one plan and is sold through Medicare. Typically, you can’t get that Original Medicare plan outside of Medicare, but if you buy a Medicare Advantage plan (which is only sold through private insurance companies), then original Medicare is included in its basic coverage.

Also included in the basic coverage is urgently needed medical care and emergency medical services. These are common enough for many seniors, and they are excellent items of coverage to have just in case. Having that cover ensures that seniors will be covered in the event of an accident or unexpected medical expenses.

That’s all the basic plan comes with, and every Advantage plan has these same basic coverage items. However, there is additional coverage that many insurance companies selling Advantage plans tend to conclude with their plans. This is cover for Medicare Part D, or prescription drug coverage. It can also include cover for prescription eyewear, hearing aids and various checkups needed throughout the year.

These are common expenses as well, and it makes sense to include them in a robust coverage plan. The majority of people can benefit from that kind of coverage, but they do need to be careful about how it interacts with their current medical coverage plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are not compatible with Medicare Supplement plans. That’s because they cover some of the same items, and that’s not allowed by Medicare. They also clash with Part D insurance, if Part D is included in the Medicare Advantage plan. You need to be careful about what Advantage plan you sign up for and what kind of coverage you already have, because you may be forced to drop one of the plans if they overlap in any way.

Finding the Best Plan

We looked at what Medicare Advantage plans can include in their coverage. That should give you some idea of how they might work for you and how they might be compatible with coverage you already have. It’s up to you to decide which is the best plan, though. We can’t just say that one plan would be better for you than another.

There are two things you need to look at when deciding on the best plan for you. You should be looking at the price and the coverage of the plans. The best Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 will have a decent price that offers tons of value. They will also have the kind of coverage that meets your needs. That means that the plan that is best for you could be an awful plan for someone else. It all depends on what you can afford and what you need to be covered for when it comes to medical care.

You may not need a high coverage plan at all, or you may not be able to afford one that has a lot of coverage, even if you could use it. You will have to determine the balance that works best for you between pricing and coverage. You may have to make some sacrifices in coverage to get a plan that you can afford, or you may have some extra money you could put into a coverage plan that would give you more peace of mind with its extensive coverage.

You will only be able to find the best Medicare Advantage plan by comparing what is out there, though. You need to look at the plans that offer the kind of coverage you are looking for. These may be sold by a number of different insurance companies. Once you have a few similar plans that you like and that cover you fairly well, then it is time to look at the prices. Each insurance company can set the prices for themselves.

That means that the prices on very similar plans can be very different. You’ll have to compare as many of them as you can to find out who is selling the most suitable plan for you. Not every insurance company is offering you a good deal or why your best interests at heart. You need to sort through them to see what plan will save you the most money.


medicare advantage plans for 2019


How the Best Plan Changes

Once you have picked out the best plan for you out of all the Advantage plans on offer, you need to keep your eyes open moving forward. You are not done choosing medical coverage, because in time your needs are going to change. Your needs shift from time to time, and you may need more coverage or you may be able to afford a better plan. As you grow older and you experience a change in your needs, you should be looking for a plan that fits your needs better than what you currently have. You may need to update your plan as often as once a year. There is a benefit to staying with the same plan for a long time, as you can often save money on the rates and not experience jumps in costs very often. However, you need to consider that there might be a better plan than what you have, and it may just take some looking to find it.

The coverage on Advantage plans can change over time as well, and if the plan you have starts to shift coverage, then you may need to look elsewhere for a better plan. The prices can change too, and that means that you should be on the lookout for a lower cost plan every so often.

We suggest looking at your current coverage each year and assessing how it meets your needs and if it is time for an update to your insurance plan. There may be a better plan waiting for you, but it is probably not going to find you. It’s up to you to look at what is available and to compare it to what you have to find the most suitable plan for your needs.

The best plan for you today may not be your best plan tomorrow, and you need to be aware of that and of the way your needs can change. The best Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are where you can start, though. Look at what they have to offer and see how they line up to your current needs. You may just find one that fits you well and save you money every month on healthcare.


medicare advantage plans 2019