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With the right kind of medical insurance coverage, you could greatly reduce how much you pay for healthcare. We are going to look at one of the most comprehensive medical insurance plans available- Aetna Medicare Advantage plans for 2019, and show you how you can sign up for it and what it is going to cover for you. That way, you can be informed about your options and make the right choices when it comes to picking a healthcare insurance plan.

How Advantage Plans Cover Your Healthcare Cost

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise and have been for years. It gets more expensive each year to visit the doctor and go to the hospital, and this is not likely to change anytime soon, especially in a private healthcare system like what we have in the US.

That means that you need a way to be able to afford the healthcare that you cannot do without. This becomes ever more important as you grow older and reach the status of a senior. At age 65, you become eligible for Medicare, though some people can sign up before that, if they meet certain special qualifications.

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Medicare’s Advantage plans take the basic coverage provided in the Medicare Original plan and adds onto it. Each Advantage plan, no matter how different it is in cost or coverage, has to include coverage for Original Medicare, as well as for emergency medical care and urgently needed healthcare. This is a guarantee for every Advantage plan out there.

Now, the insurance companies that sell these plans are allowed by Medicare to add some coverage on top of that basic setup. They can add Medicare Part D coverage, which includes cover for prescription drugs. They can also include cover for lots of different checkups, such as for your hearing, vision or dental. They also may include cover for wellness programs.


Medicare Advantage Plans



How in depth the coverage on a given  Aetna Medicare Advantage plan is will depend on the insurance company. They may change up their coverage from year to year as well, and you need to be aware of that. Just because one company you looked ta had all the bells and whistles on their Advantage plans one year, that doesn’t mean they will have the same coverage the following year. Some companies that sell medical insurance may not carry Advantage plans at all, so you may be limited in your chocies, depending on where you live.

Aetna Advantage plans for 2019 cover just about everything that is considered to be medically necessary. The definition of that can change from one state to another and from one local area to the next, so make sure that you know what is being covered (as relates to you) and what is not. At any time, you may contact your plan’s provider and find out if a particular procedure or service is covered under your plan. You may also be able to ask the hospital staff or doctor’s office staff and get clarification there. You are entitled to know if your Medicare Advantage plan is going to cover you for a particular expense or not before you are charged for it or before it is carried out.

How You Can Sign Up for Advantage Coverage

Does that sound like the kind of plan that you could benefit from? Advantage plans come with some far-reaching coverage, and they may not be for everyone, but if you feel that it would be a good fit for you, then you can start looking at the plans individual insurance companies are selling. Remember that they all choose their own coverage for their plans, so you want to compare what’s being offered. You should know what kind of coverage you need before you start looking at these plans, so that way you can make a smart decision about what coverage to get.

Once you are 65, you can usually sign up for an Advantage plan. There are a few requirements to meet, and you should be able to get approved for any of the Advantage plans on offer, when you apply at the right time.

aetna medicare advantage plans 2019There is a period that occurs once a year, known as Open Enrollment, when all the Advantage plans and other Medicare plans are made available to the public. If you have met the basic eligibility requirements, then there should be no problem with you getting whatever plan you choose. Just be sure to look at your options and pick the most suitable plan for your situation.

Open Enrollment occurs over the occurs of about two months and usually falls near the end of the year. The exact dates differ from one year to the next, so you will probably want to look up what the dates are for whatever year you decide to apply for the Advantage plan. Once you sign up, you will have to agree to the term for the plan, which is usually a year, but it can be for several years at a time. Once you are locked into that term, your rates and coverage should not change, but once it is over, things may be much different for you.

You may have different coverage needs and you may be faced with a changed Advantage plan. It may be time to look into a different plan or a different provider, and you are welcome to do so once your current plan has expired. It may be difficult to change plans partway through the term, so it’s best if you ensure you have made the right choices before you dive in and sign up for one of the plans.

If an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan in 2019 doesn’t offer coverage that is to your liking, the you can always sign up for one of the alternatives. Medicare Part D and Supplement plans offer some good substitutes for Advantage plans, and you may want to look into those, if the Advantage coverage is a bit much for you. Just be sure that you have considered all your options and taken your time to make an informed decision.

Aetna Medicare Advantage 2019




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