Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

The Medicare Advantage plans have been designed to provide additional coverage beyond what you would get with just a basic Medicare Original plan. They actually include original Medicare coverage, but they also add some coverage on top of that for even better protection from medical expenses. Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are the ones we will focus on here.

These are very useful plans being sold by a well-known insurance provider. We’re going to show you what the plans cover and why you should consider Humana as an insurance provider.

Advantage Coverage through Humana

Advantage plans aren’t like other Medicare plans. They don’t have fixed coverage that’s standard no matter where you buy them. These are sold by private insurance providers, such as Humana, and they do contain some basic coverage that all plans have to include. However, they can also include some extra coverage on top of the standard stuff. How much extra they can include is up to the insurance companies that sell the Advantage plans.


Medicare Advantage Plans



The basic coverage, as we mentioned, always includes cover for Original Medicare. That is made up of two separate parts- Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. This covers a lot of expenses you accrue at the hospital and the doctor office, and it functions just as if you had bought a Medicare original plan from Medicare directly. However, you are getting this coverage through your insurance provider- be it Humana or someone else.

The basic plan also covers you for medical care that is classified as urgently needed or as emergency care. This can cover a lot of different services, and it is very useful for people who want to be protected for those unexpected or very expensive healthcare services they may need from time to time.

On top of all that basic care, Humana and other insurance companies often pile cover for Medicare Part D (taking care of many prescription drug costs) and annual checkups. Those could be checkups for your vision, for your hearing, for general wellness and more. It also includes cover for prescription apparatus you may need, such as hearing aids or eyeglasses.


medicare advantage plans for 2019


There may be other coverage items included in any given Medicare Advantage plan. What is included is up to the insurance provider. They simply have to include that basic coverage we mentioned earlier for their plan to qualify as a Medicare Advantage plan.

This kind of coverage is suitable for most seniors. It covers a lot of their expenses, including basic expenses not covered by Original Medicare. For most people, it would save them money to go with a Medicare Advantage plan rather than to pay for the medical care themselves from their own finances. It is important for any senior considering applying for one of these plans consider how the cost stacks up and which would be cheaper- to pay themselves or to get Advantage coverage.

Buying an Advantage Plan through Humana

humana medicare advantage plans 2019While there are many insurance companies selling Medicare Advantage plans, few are as well regarded as Humana. They have been in the business for a long time, and they have developed a reputation for customer care in that time. Their company is committed to the full health of their customers, and they provide ample resources for healthy living for everyone that signs up for their plans. They provide fitness and medical experts to advise their customers about making the right life choices. They provide healthy living and eating plans for those who are interested in making positive changes in their life. They offer many services that seniors can make use of and that will assist them in living better and longer.

Humana Medicare plans are not really that different from anyone else’s, though. They sell the same kinds of plans with the same basic coverage. It is not up to Humana to decide when the basic coverage should change on their plans. Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 will have the same basic coverage as any Advantage plan does. Only Medicare gets to change the basics of the plans, since they are Medicare plans, after all.

The additional coverage we discussed, such as Medicare Part D and coverage for checkups, can change at the discretion of the insurance provider. So, Humana can decide that it no longer wants to include Part D coverage with its plans. If that happens, you can simply sign up for the plan anyway and buy Part D on its own. Or you can choose a different provider.

Your coverage will be locked in once you sign up for a plan and your application is approved, but after the term on the plan has expired (after a year or so), then your coverage and your rates may change.

The rates are up to Humana to set. Medicare doesn’t oversee or set the rates at all, and those rates may change in time. Usually, they will increase about once per year, but it varies from one insurance company to the next. Humana’s prices may not be the same everywhere in the United States. In some places, it will be cheaper to buy the same Humana Advantage plans than in other places. Be aware of that if you have one of their plans and you try to move elsewhere. Your rates could go up or down, and that may affect how good of a deal you are getting through them.

You can sign up for Humana Medicare Advantage plans on their website or you can call them directly. It should only take a few minutes to fill out an application form, and then you’ll just have to wait for a reply. You should be approved if you meet the minimum requirements, such as being 65 years or older and being a US citizen. If you have paid taxes or 10 years or more, then you should be eligible for a discounted price on Medicare Part A, which is included in the Advantage plan.

When you sign up for an Advantage plan, you are responsible for paying any coinsurance and deductible associated with medical care you receive that this plan covers. Part A and Part B of Medicare both come with coinsurance and deductibles, the former of which is for each visit and the latter of which is paid once per year.

Medicare Advantage plans are compatible with other insurance plans. If you have a union or employer coverage plan for your medical expenses, then those may be compatible with Medicare Advantage, but it depends on what they cover. If they have coverage that overlaps at all with Medicare Advantage, then you have to cancel one of your plans.


medicare advantage plans 2019



Since Medicare Advantage includes Medicare Part D sometimes, you won’t be able to sign up for Part D on its own as well. You can’t double up on coverage like that. However, if you sign up for a Humana Advantage plan and Part D is not included, then you can buy Part D separately. Most seniors do benefit from Part D’s coverage, so it is worth considering if it is not already included. Advantage plans are not compatible with Medicare Supplements, since they do overlap, and you will need to drop one of your plans if you are currently signed up for a Supplement plan, even if it is through the same provider.

Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 will be available shortly, if they are not already by the time you read this. You should look into what they are offering and coma roe it to other plans that cover your medical expenses. You may find that Humana has better prices or coverage than the other plans or you may want to go with something other than what Humana is selling. It’s up to you, but you should take some time to look at your options and compare them to get the very best deal on medical coverage for the coming years.

Medicare Advantage Plans