Kaiser Medicare Advantage 2019

Medicare Advantage plans provide exceptional coverage for medical expenses, and the Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are no exception. These plans can meet the coverage needs of most seniors, but they may also come with more coverage than many people require. We want to show you what the plans offer so that you can decide for yourself whether they would be a good fit for you.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The Advantage plans are known for offering more coverage than you get with any other single medical insurance plan. They not only cover all of Original Medicare, but they go further than that and provide cover for a lot of lifesaving and emergency treatment and services. These are expenses you would have to pay out of your own pockets, very expensive medical costs, if you only have the basic Medicare plan.


medicare advantage 2019



Lots of Medicare Advantage plans go farther than that. The basic plans are only required to cover you for Original Medicare, urgently needed care and emergency medical services. However, if you go for a more robust Medicare Advantage plan, then you can be covered for Medicare Part D and for various checkups you may need to go to through the year. Part D is for prescription drug costs, and it can cover a lot of drugs for you, depending on which plan you choose.

This Medicare Advantage coverage is robust, and it can cost you more than most medical insurance plans, but it is often cheaper than paying or these expenses on your own, from your own finances. You will have to weigh the cost of coverage against the cost of what you are paying for yourself.

Medicare Advantage Eligibility

kaiser medicare advantage plans 2019You don’t have to do much to become eligible for one of these plans. You simply need to be 65 and be a US citizen. Most everyone who meets those criteria will be eligible for these plans. You can even be eligible before you reach age 65, if you suffer from certain medical conditions or disabilities. Talk to a Medicare insurance agent about eligibility and whether you qualify for coverage before your 65th birthday, if you think early eligibility may apply to you.

In order to apply for the plans, you simply have to visit an insurance company’s website where these plans are sold. In this case, we are talking about Kaiser Permanente, and you can visit their website and apply directly through them. You won’t be able to apply through Medicare. Medicare only oversees the plans and has no control over what the plans cost or what additional coverage they come with.


Medicare Advantage Plans



Even if you have a Medicare Original plans, you can still sign up for an Advantage plan. You may not be able to sign up if you are subscribed to some other medical insurance plans, though. Supplement plans, employer coverage plans and union plans may all provide too much overlapping coverage to be considered compatible with Medicare Advantage. Be sure to examine thee coverage you have and find out if it is compatible before you go through the trouble of applying for a Medicare Advantage plan. You may end up having to drop one of your current plans in order to sign up for the new one.

Kaiser Medicare Advantage 2019

You have lots of choices as to where you can buy Medicare Advantage plans. These are not exactly scarce. However, you should be aware that some of your options are much better than others. Some insurance companies will be cheaper than the average or offer more value for your money. You also have to look for the right kind of coverage. Not every Medicare Advantage plan will have the coverage that is right for you, and you need to examine your own needs before you start looking too closely at these plans. Know what you need out of an insurance plan and then look for the plan that offers that.

It may be that the Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 will have just what you are looking for. You can apply for these plans in 2018, between October 15th and December 7th of this year. Once you apply and are approved, then the coverage from that plan will go into effect on the first day of 2019. You can only sign up for one Advantage plan at once.

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Medicare Advantage from Kaiser Permanente may offer you a combination of great rates and coverage that you can’t get anywhere else, but they still have to abide by Medicare rules regarding coverage. You should compare them to your other options to ensure you are getting a decent deal.

Kaiser Permanente is able to change its rates and its coverage on the Advantage plans it sells whenever it likes. Of course, if you are signed up for one of their Advantage plans, then you are locked into that plan for the duration of the term (usually a year) and your coverage and rates cannot change in that time. Once the term for that plan is over, however, then you may be subject to the new rates and coverage. You can opt to renew the plan under the new specifications, or you can cancel your plan and even sign up for an entirely different plan.

Kaiser Permanente has a lot of options when it comes to Advantage plans. They don’t just sell one or two of these kinds of plans. So, you should have no trouble finding a plan that fits you well, if you need Advantage coverage. Not everyone does, but for those who are having trouble finding the right kind of coverage for them, they should look at what Kaiser Permanente is offering. The large selection of plans is sure to placate even the most particular consumer.

Kaisers Permanente’s Network

As with any medical insurance company, Kaiser Permanente operates on a network. That means that certain medical facilities, such as hospitals and clinics, will accept its plans. That also means that there will be some that do not accept its coverage plans. You should look at the medical facilities near you and see what your options are and find out if Kaiser Permanente plans are accepted there. You need to find out if they are a good pick for you or if you need to look elsewhere for an insurance company that has a network extensive enough to offer you full coverage at your local medical facilities.

You can choose between HMO network plans and PPO network plans, in most cases. The HMO type plan will cover you fully on the network. But if you go off the network for medical treatment, then you can expect no coverage whatsoever.


Medicare Advantage Plans



For the PPO type plans, you get full coverage on the network, the same as with the HMO plan. However, of you go off the network for your medical care, then you still get some partial coverage. It’s not full coverage, but it is better than nothing. You might expect the PPO plan to cost more than the HMO one, and you’d be right.

Not all insurance companies offer both these options, but you need to be aware that they exist so that you can find the most suitable option for you. You may not always find an insurance company in your area that has a network that applies to you and your location. You may have to settle for the more expensive PPO plan, but make sure you exhaust your options before you do that. It’s usually cheaper and more practical to go it an HMO plan, if you can help it.

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 are worth considering for every senior. If you are eligible for these plans, you should look into them and see how they might fit you.


medicare advantage 2019