Medicare Advantage Plans in Indiana 2019

Close to 25% of all Medicare recipients in Indiana have decided to join Medicare Advantage. Enrollment for these types of plans has increased at a steady rate over the years, and we expect to see the trend continue for the Medicare Advantage plans for Indiana in 2019. Part C plans are attractive to Indiana residents due to the low Costs associated with them and the powerful benefits that they provide.

For those who are already Medicare Advantage members, it is still important to examine any changes to the plans for the upcoming year. You may also want to compare some of the available plans based on their Medicare star rating, the price and the coverage networks offered by the insurance companies selling the plans. You will likely only get a single chance to change plans for the year, so you want to make sure you have the best plan for you.


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Quickly Compare the Plans

medicare advantage 2019The quickest way to compare Part C plans for Indiana is to use our website. We have enabled many seniors to save money and time using our online quote comparison tool. All you have to do is pick your state from the drop-down list and then fill out the form to see the results. We will show you the prices on various Medicare Advantage plans as well as compare the coverage on them, and you can get detailed information that can help you to make your decision. You can also call one of our agents and talk with them to get more details.

What to Know about Indiana Medicare Advantage Plans

The top Medicare markets in Indiana are South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Evansville, but we serve every county in the state and help them compare prices and find the best plans.

What percentage of people are enrolled in a given area changes from one area to the next, and the most populated areas tend to have the most available plans. Most of the people who signed up for Medicare Advantage plans in Indiana chose to do so with one of the three top insurance companies. Let’s look at what those are and what they have to offer.

AARP has a partnership with United Healthcare, and they have over a third of all Medicare Advantage subscribers in Indiana. They have some highly rated plans that will still be available as Medicare Advantage plan for Indiana in 2019.


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Humana owns about a third of the Medicare Advantage market as well, thanks to its great member benefits and reasonable rates.

Indiana Blue Cross has about a fifth of all the Medicare Advantage enrollments for Indiana.

Health Alliance is a smaller insurance company that has some often best rated HMO plans for the state.

The rating on these plans will change over time, and you should pay attention to those changes. The highest possible rating a plan can achieve is five stars, but there are no providers in Indiana with that high of a rating. Many of them offer plans that are rated over four stats, though, and you will probably want to look at that list to find your plan.

Is a Medicare Advantage Alternative Necessary?

More and more people will be signing up for Advantage plans come 2019, simply because these are often economical plans. They provide great coverage, so long as you remain in network.

However, Supplement plans can offer more choice and give you better access to medical providers. Advantage plans are counting on the provider networks to keep the costs down, but most of the Supplement plans do not operate on a network.

Just about any healthcare provider will honor a Supplement plan, and many of these plans will work with providers that charge higher prices than what is allowed by Medicare.

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Let Us Help You Pick Your Plan

We don’t know what plan is best for you, but we can help you to make the right choice. If you want to find quotes for the Medicare Advantage plans for Indiana in 2019, then that is easy. Just use our quote form to get started. You may not be sure you need an Advantage plan, but even then you should look at what is available and see how it applies to you. It is possible that one of these plans could save you some money. You can either use our online quote form that is quick and easy to fill out or talk to one of our agents live by calling the toll-free telephone number listed on our site. We are waiting to help you choose the best coverage plan.


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