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The coverage provided for your medical expenses by Original Medicare may not be covering you like you need to be. You may have expenses left over that you have a hard time paying for or that you feel you could save money on if you had another induce plan. You can do coverage to your Original Medicare plan, and the Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 are a great way to do that.

These Supplement plans have been specifically crafted with Original Medicare in mind. They are compatible with this plan, but not a lot of others, and they are designed to fill in coverage gaps that Original Medicare leaves for you to pay. If you have ever felt like original Medicare was inadequate for you and your coverage needs, then you should at least consider applying for a Medicare Supplement plans. We want to take some time to look the plans, what they cover and how you can sign up for one in 2019, if you wish.

medicare supplement plans 2019


Coverage for Medigap Plans in 2019

Supplement plans are made to partner with original Medicare. They won’t cover any of the things that Original Medicare does, but they do offer corresponding coverage. So, where the Origins Medicare plan leaves off coverage, the Supplement plans step in and provide cover.

For example, the Original Medicare plan will cover you for Medicare Part A and Part B, but it asks you to make a payment each year called a deductible for those parts of Medicare. The Supplement plans can provide coverage for those deductibles. There are ten Supplement plans, and not all of them will cover both deductibles.

The Supplements can also cover the copayments you have to make for Medicare Part A and for Part B, every time you visit the hospital or other medical facility. These can be small payments, but they add up with each visit, and it can be helpful to have them covered by an insurance plan. Some of the Supplement plans will only cover one of them, while a few plans will cover both.

Your Supplement plan could also cover you for Medicare Part B excess charges. This isn’t covered by many of the plans, as it isn’t a common expense. You would be charged for this particular item if the medical facility that you visit does not fully accept Medicare’s coverage.

Supplement insurance can also take care of the hospice care coinsurance, which is left after Medicare’s Original plan covers most of the hospice care expenses.

Likewise, skilled nursing care coinsurance can be covered, which you are left with after Medicare provides it coverage for that service.

Medicare supplement 2019


One of the smaller items of coverage, but a common one, is the blood usage you have throughout the year. You get covered for three additional pints of blood every year with most supplement plans, and that’s on top of the blood coverage that Original Medicare provides for you.

You can be covered for foreign emergency medical transport too, which applies to any time you need to be transported to a medical care facility outside the US for emergency treatment. There are some restrictions on this coverage item, though, no matter which plan you go with. You will only be covered up to 80% at most, and only up to $50,000 over your lifetime for this expense. You also have to pay a deductible on this time of coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 Cost

medicare supplement plans for 2019 (3)How much you pay for Medicare Supplements depends on two factors- which plan you pick and who you buy it from. You can only buy Supplement plans from private insurance companies. It is not available through Medicare directly. You will need to choose which insurance company to do business with, and they won’t all carry the same plans. They all have to pick their Supplement plans from the ten that Medicare has created, but they do have to offer all ten, and few if any of them do.

They can set their own prices as well, and these can change on a whim. They usually change about once per year, so make sure you keep up with that as you look at these plans. You want to be sure that when you compare the plans and the providers that you have accurate rates to compare them by. If you take time to compare the plans and providers, you can save a lot of money, choosing the cheapest option with the most suitable coverage.

Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 are probably going to be more expensive than they were last year, but the cost of medical care will likely go up as well. It makes sense for them to increase together. Many seniors can still save money on their medical care by choosing Medicare Supplements, but they have to pick the right one. It can actually hurt your finances to pick the wrong plan, and you can end up paying more for coverage than you did in medical expenses, which is definitely not what you want. You should be looking for a Supplement plan that saves you money, and if you can’t find one, then you probably don’t need Supplement coverage.

The plan you choose determines how much you pay for your coverage as well. You don’t always want to choose the cheapest plan, because then you could be missing out on medical insurance coverage that you need. You want to be careful that you only choose a plan that fits you well and meets your needs as they are right now or as they will be in the coming year. Don’t plan too far ahead with your coverage plan, and you can always cancel the plan at the end of its term (usually one year from when you signed up) and choose a different plan.

We suggest checking the prices of the plans and their coverage every year to see how well your current plan holds up. Also, if you didn’t sign up for a Supplement plan, you should reevaluate your current coverage each year and revisit the idea of signing up for a Supplement plan. As your finances and your health change over time, you may find that one of these plans will become a good choice for you.

Medicare can change the coverage on these plans when it wants to, but it will warn you well ahead of time before putting any coverage changes into effect. The companies selling the plans- the private insurance companies- cannot change the coverage at all. They are subject to Medicare’s rules and regulations regarding these plans. Medicare gives them freedom on the prices and on which plans they want to sell (for the most part), but the coverage is in Medicare’s purview alone.

As coverage changes, the value of the plans will change, and you need to be aware of that.

medicare supplement plans 2019



Enrolling in Medigap for 2019

Do you think that one of the Medicare Supplement plans might be right for you? And have read over what we said about them? Then you should know about how to sign up. You can’t just apply through Medicare or apply any time of the year that you want to. Instead, you can only apply through the insurance companies that you buy the plans from. You can apply as many times as you like at as many insurance companies as you want to. However, you can only accept one of the plans, as you can’t be signed up for more than one Supplement plan at once.

You may have to drop your current coverage to sign up for a Supplement plans, if you have a union or employer coverage plan or if you are signed up for a Medicare Advantage pan. Anytime your medical coverage overlaps with a media plan of any kind, you will not be able to sign up for that Medicare plan. You will have to drop the other plan first. Now, Medicare Supplement plans are compatible with Original Medicare, but they won’t be compatible with many other types of plans, so be aware of that before you try to sign up.

You can apply for a Medicare Supplement plan just as soon as you turn 65 or during Open Enrollment. That Open Enrollment signup period runs from the start of November to the 15th of December, at least for this year. In other years the dates may change, and you will want to keep up with that, if you are planning to sign up.

You will need a Medicare original plan in order to be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan. Once you have met the eligibility requirements for the Original plan, though, you should be automatically eligible for the Supplement plan.

If you are looking to sign up for Medicare Supplement plans in 2019, then you can start checking them out now. If you sign up for a plan during Open Enrollment, it will take effect and begin covering you at the start of 2019, so take that into consideration when you are planning your coverage.


medicare suplement plans 2019